Buying a Vastu Compliant Home in Mumbai

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Buying a Vastu Compliant Home in Mumbai

Vastu-compliant homes are extremely popular in today’s real estate market. Even when people are looking for such homes conscientiously, they rarely comprehend the significance of each Vastu feature.

Vastu shastra is an ancient Indian science for designing a positive home. Vastu-compliant homes help people live with peace, happiness, wealth, health, and prosperity. 

This article will cover the best Vastu tips for buying 1 bhk flats in Mumbai. If you want to buy Vastu-compliant homes, you should follow the tips in this article. 

Tips for buying Vastu-compliant homes 

While buying a new home, you must ensure that your new home follows all the basic rules of Vastu Shastra. Here are some guidelines to follow when purchasing a new home to ensure that it is Vastu-compliant. 

  • Construction and plot direction must be east or north

According to the best Vastu tips for your new home, directions like north or east have positive effects, whereas other directions have negative effects. While buying or constructing your new home, you should avoid facing it west or south. 

  • The plot must be rectangular or square-shaped. 

It has been suggested by Vastu tips for the home that you should buy a square or rectangular-shaped plot. The plot must be oriented in four cardinal directions in a square shape. According to Vastu rules, the right ratio between the breadth and length of a building must be 1:1 and 1:15 or also 1:2

While buying a new home, you should avoid buying irregularly shaped homes, like circular-shaped, oval-shaped, or triangular. 

  • Structure and building shape must be in line with Vastu norms 

While purchasing a new home, two shapes are important for the positive energy of your home. The well-being and prosperity of people who will live in new homes are determined by these important shapes.

First is the Gurmukhi shape, which is narrow at the entry point and wide at the back. The second is the Sher Mukhi shape, which is wide at the back or narrow at the end. If you are going to buy a residential property, then you should be considered the first shape to ensure Vastu compliant home. On the other hand, if you invest in commercial property, you should choose the second option, per Vastu tips. 

  • Colors and interiors of your home

Vastu tips suggest avoiding homes painted in dark colors. Because the dark colors on the walls, furniture, and floor of your home radiate negative energy, suggested that you buy a home that is painted with light colors. Light paint color schemes in your home help to radiate positive energy.


Vastu Shastra has the best solutions to solve the problems in your old or new homes. If you buy a new home and want to live a thriving and healthy life in it, you should follow all the above recommendations.

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