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Different Applications of Ceramic Tiles And Why These Tiles Are So Popular

Installing ceramic tile in the home is one of the most popular options due to the beauty and practicality of this material. And the best part is that there are numerous ways to tile the home with ceramic tiles as these are available in different sizes, shapes, and textures. Beautiful, functional, and feasible- all three terms describe ceramic tiles.

Now let’s have a look at some of the applications of ceramic tiles:

  1. Kitchen backsplash: A beautiful kitchen backsplash can keep your dishwashing experience pleasant. And the handmade ceramic tiles create an organic and beautiful feel in the area.
  2. Floors:Tiling floors can brighten up even the small areas. Starting from the flooring of the bathroom, entryway, and mudroom to the kitchen, this type of flooring can make the interior of a property stand out.
  3. Kitchen Island: Ceramic tiles are one of the best ways to add beautiful colour to the kitchen island.
  4. Stove-splash: With the easy-to-clean surface, the ceramic tile offers the perfect touch to any stove-splash. Besides, this type of tile also creates a focal point and a personality to the kitchen area.
  5. Shower: This is another area where you can add the ceramic tiles layout to be creative. And the best thing is to use ceramic tiles of bold shades with higher variations.
  6. Fireplace: A fireplace is a beautiful centrepiece in any living room. And by adding a segment tile to the place, you will be able to add attention.
  7. Bathroom walls:Often bathrooms get messy and the ceramic tiles can cover the entire area beautifully. Apart from looking great, cleaning up these tiles is also easy. And covering the bathroom walls with these tiles can refine the busy room.

What makes ceramic tiles so popular?

  • These tiles are made of raw materials like sand, clay, and glass that are mixed with some other recycled materials. Therefore, these tiles are environmentally friendly, and these bring some insulating qualities to your home in winter and these also keep homes cooler in summer by decreasing energy use.
  • Ceramic tileis easy to clean. All one needs to do is to sweep and wipe. As these floors can be wiped comfortably and disinfected from spills, therefore these create the perfect kitchen floors. It also needs just a formulated grout cleaner to get the grout off from the kitchen area.
  • Ceramic tiles just need a little maintenance starting from optional sealing to simple cleaning. Apart from cleaning, there is no special maintenance needed.
  • Ceramic tiles come with numerous design and style options. And the styles, designs, colours, and shapes of these tiles are extensive.
  • Ceramic tiles come with greater resale value. Therefore, the homes with ceramic tiles flooring can have a higher value while assessed.
  • Last but not least, ceramic tiles are money-making. So, the high-end option you select, the higher the project cost would be. Besides, the more detailed the design is, the more expensive the project would be.


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