How to Find Interior Design Inspiration on Pinterest

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How to Find Interior Design Inspiration on Pinterest

If you’re interested in interior design, Pinterest is a great place to find ideas. The possibilities are endless. There are thousands of interior design photos to peruse on the website. You can browse through them all or choose just a few. Listed below are some room decor ideas to get you started. Besides, you can use this as your own inspiration, too. Just keep in mind that your personal style will differ from other people’s.

Lulu & Georgia

The online home décor store Lulu & Georgia are a massive online destination. The company was founded by Sara Sugarman, the heir to the family business Decorative Carpets. Her father and grandfather are pioneers in the interior design scene. Sugarman has turned her Los Angeles-based e-commerce business into a multimillion-dollar empire, offering exclusive home furnishings and custom designs. Whether you’re looking for a stylish new sofa or the latest in high-end furniture, Lulu & Georgia has the perfect piece for you.

Lulu & Georgia is an online store that makes shopping for home decor easy. With their products and content aimed at the modern woman, they’ve successfully merged old and new. They cater to a variety of design aesthetics, making home decor easy and affordable for any woman. You can also get free fabric samples vvfrom the company and follow their Pinterest and Instagram accounts for decor ideas and interior design inspiration.

Elsie Green

If you are looking for home decor inspiration, Elsie Green is the designer to follow. This upscale homewares and interior design company has a popular website, where you can browse her inspirations. She travels the world to source unique and vintage pieces and displays them in a stylish home-like setting. Her showroom is so inviting that you might want to move in immediately. Her latest inspiration guide is perfect for the winter season.

Located in Concord, California, Elsie Green is a boutique that specializes in carefully curated vintage goods. Elsie Green’s owner, Laurie Furber, left Pottery Barn to start her own company, and now works with clients on their projects. Her inspirations range from hotel design and movie sets to entertaining. Her Pinterest decor inspirations include vintage items that are both functional and beautiful. She also shares tips on how to find and use the best pieces, as well as her styling recipes.


If you’re looking for decor inspiration, take a look at Foyr’s Pinterest. This 3D interior design software has over 20K users worldwide and their Pinterest account is a goldmine of beautiful designs. You can also get valuable tips for starting your own business by reading posts from other interior designers. Foyr’s Pinterest account highlights projects by the sustainable interior designer Elsie Green, which features natural materials from around the world. Another inspiring account is Anthology Creative Studio, whose aesthetic includes warm wood tones, classic flooring, arched doorways, and arched ceilings.

If you’re looking for avant-garde event decor, Steve’s Instagram and Pinterest accounts are for you. His Pinterest profile is the stuff of interior dreams, with its marble and beiges, and her food. Veranda is another great interior design source. Their Pinterest profile features glamorous decorating ideas, inspirational quotes, and the hottest colors for the season. You’ll also be able to find a great selection of homewares and accessories.

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