How to organize you landed house and use the space effectively

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How to organize you landed house and use the space effectively

The goal when trying to furnish your home in a functional way is to try to take advantage of all the available space. For years now, homes have lost square meters compared to the past.

By now, both for economic reasons and for a mere aesthetic choice, the houses have smaller sizes than in the past. Therefore, a rationalization of spaces is increasingly necessary, spaces are placed with conscience and awareness in order to obtain a beautiful, functional and welcoming home.

Modern furniture

Green light therefore to open spaces, to well-organized one-room lofts and two-room apartments, which will not have to do without anything if well thought out and furnished. No to dividing walls, to superfluous doors, to the abundance of often useless furniture: few furniture, few objects but chosen with care and taste and a lot of space dedicated to conviviality.

Heat or cool the house with little expense

Another goal to aim for when carrying out home furnishings is that of cost optimization. If you organize the spaces correctly, if you orient the apartment correctly, your wallet will also benefit as through the reduction of energy costs.

Think about it:

If you expose the sleeping area to the north, it will be the area of ​​the house that is least exposed to the sun’s rays and therefore the one that will need less cooling on summer evenings. Or on the contrary, if you expose the living room and kitchen to the south it will be full of sunlight during the day, so you won’t need to turn on lamps or chandeliers.

In case you need help, engaging a good interior designer for your landed house interior design can save you a lot of time and trouble planning renovation.

Subdivision of a house

First of all, if the house allows it, the first major division must be made between the living area (kitchen, living room, entrance and possible study) and the sleeping area (bedrooms and bathrooms) this will allow to have the most personal part of the house separated from the more convivial welcoming guests.

  • In summary, therefore, each room must at least have a window or a balcony. It is preferable to place the living rooms in the balcony areas and facing south or eastwhile it is better to place the sleeping area in the north or west.
  • If the house is particularly small, it is preferable to create a single kitchen-living room in order to obtain as much space as possible. The area of ​​the house to which more space must be dedicated is the kitchen and the living room. If you are from 4 inhabitants upwards, it is advisable to create another service bathroom in the house, if space permits.


Of course, every situation has its own specificity, which should be considered and treated differently and accurately. These are general tips that can be considered universally acceptable. For specific situations it is always better to turn to experienced colleagues who, through interior design, will be able to guide and support you closely. All you have to choose to make use of the professionals.

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