Nelson Partners Talks About a Few Students Housing Trends

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Nelson Partners Talks About a Few Students Housing Trends

A noticeable shift was witnessed in the attitudes of Americans towards college over the last decade. The prices of tuition, campus housing, and textbooks have risen, along with the increased competition in the scholastic marketplace. These conditions made many colleges to eschew their status quo and provide further student housing amenities. Many companies specializing in the domain of student housing real estate have also cropped up in the market, like Nelson Partners. College students spend a vast amount of their time at their relevant housing unit. Therefore, this company wants to make sure that their accommodation offers every convenience needed for them to live comfortably.

It is naïve to pretend that the decision of students pertaining to which college they want to attend solely hinges on the academic merit of the institution. There are, in fact, a number of factors that might influence their choices. While these factors may vary from person to person, they usually involve location, tuition costs, majors offered, reputation, and student living. To cater to this student living concerns, a number of companies have been established across several states of the United States, Nelson Partners being one of them.

Most of the middle aged and elderly people might remember being crammed with five other people into a compact building in college. But the scenario has shifted quite a bit today, and the college experience has evolved for the better. Today, student housing has become a huge draw for multiple universities. Many communities are steadily embracing purpose-built student housing projects as the key to moving students from community houses to centralized locations that can accommodate the lifestyle of the students in a much better fashion.

As the Gen Z goes to college, they are bound to be more socially conscious than previous generations as they are raised in a time where the importance of protecting the earth, as well as reducing their ecological footprint has become paramount.  Hence, many student housing projects are also designed considering an eco-friendly approach. They tend to feature energy smart appliances , LED lighting, passive lighting, reclaimed wood, solar panels ,rain barrels and various other types of environmentally sustainable additions.

The adage “all work and no play make Jack a dull boy” rings true in the world of academics. Students need time off from their studies to make new connections, strengthen relationships and engage with peers. Many student housing units, hence, today provide collaborative spaces to nurture connections and support students to develop relationships. These housing units often feature flexible study spaces, laundries, kitchens, and recreation areas to align with the goal of engaging the students. The properties of Nelson Partners are specially designed to create and influence communities, including how students study, work, interact with friends and family, cook, eat, exercise, and play. They try their best to give their tenants the best experience possible, while making sure that their college journey goes on smoothly.

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