Preparing Your Backyard Shed for Summer

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Preparing Your Backyard Shed for Summer

Backyard sheds are a must for homeowners with an expansive outdoor area and need good storage space for their tools and other miscellaneous items. While you might be able to accomplish the same with a garage, chances are you need the area for other purposes. This dedicated space for all your gardening or landscaping needs helps keep things organized. 

However, you may not have much use for its contents when winter comes. When spring and summer roll back in, it is time to renew your association as you work on getting your garden or backyard back in shape. Before you get back to just going in and out to get or return whatever tools you need, you need to prepare your shed. Here are some tasks to carry out beforehand. 


Just as you do with your house and garage, it is advisable to visually inspect your backyard shed as soon as the weather gets warmer. Walk around to check on the walls’ condition and get a ladder to inspect the roof. Check for peeling paint, rust, dents, scratches, hail, or snow damage. If there is damage that needs fixing, plan to get it done or bring in a professional. 

Clean Up

Clear away any debris left on the roof and gutters if you have them. Check for signs of mold or mildew and use appropriate cleaning solutions to get rid of them. Also, get rid of any nests and dead plant material like leaves and weeds around the structure. These can be hiding spots for pests like rats and snakes that can be encouraged to get into your shed. 


If your shed needs it, it could be a good idea to give it a new coat of paint. A fresh coat of paint or sealant will help seal cracks and provide a fresh appearance that will better complement your outdoor space. Remember that having all the structures on your property looking spic and span will help preserve property values.

Inspect Your Gardening Tools

Even if you gave your gardening tools a thorough clean before you returned them to your backyard shed, there is a good chance that they have built up some rust. This does not mean you should throw them away. You can easily get them back to their shiny appearance by scrubbing them down with steel wool. Be sure to dry them thoroughly before returning them inside. If you lack storage space or want better organization, you can opt to install new shelves or a pegboard to help with this. Then arrange all the tools and other items to make it easy to access what you need while ensuring safety. 

Service Your Machines

Take out your lawnmower and other machinery and give them a tune-up ahead of summer activities. Regular servicing helps prolong the life of machinery and reduces the risk of prematurely breaking down. Drain the gas tank and oil, change the air filter and take off the blade before cleaning the undercarriage.

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