The Best Way to Pack Your Clothes for a Move

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The Best Way to Pack Your Clothes for a Move

Packing when moving to a new place is no small feat. You spend much time packing your items in boxes, disassembling furniture, preparing your kitchen, and other things. You have to spend most of the time focused on how to complete the process faster and in a stress-free way. Therefore, seeking ways to make some things more manageable makes sense. For example, clothes occupy ample space, and packing a whole wardrobe may be difficult. However, there is nothing to worry about because you are in the right place. This article will give you simple ways of packing your clothes during moving to make it easy and maximize efficiency.

  • Declutter your Closet

The first thing you need to do is to declutter your wardrobe. Go through everything and remove all the clothes you no longer wear, so you don’t pack them with the rest. So, long before you hire Schroeder Moving, ensure you are ready with everything you need. Consider the place’s climate to know the kind of clothes you need. Having a yard sale or donating some clothes before you move can be a good idea.

  • Don’t Remove the Hangers

Another pro tip for packing clothes during a move is not removing the hangers. Hangers can provide an incredible way of keeping your clothes organized. It saves the stress of packing and rehanging them once you get to your new home. Furthermore, it is easier to push hangers together to create extra room than it is to push clothes in a box. You only need to slip the clothes into the garbage bag and use a small rope to tie the hangers’ loops together. You can then put the clothes in the wardrobe box.

  • Use Wardrobe Boxes

Another efficient way of packing clothes, especially when pressed for time, is using wardrobe boxes. It is the most efficient way of packing since you only need to hang the items using the hangers.

  • Compress Bulky Items

Unless you will be using bulky items like winter jackets, it is advisable to compress them to save space. You can put them in compression bags and remove the air to pack several in one box. Compression boxes are also perfect for packing comforters and pillows.

  • Roll Instead of Folding

Rolling the clothes instead of folding them is also advisable, especially if you don’t plan to use them soon. Rolling uses less space and makes it easier to stack clothes. Furthermore, it is easier to identify the clothes in a suitcase when rolled.

  • Use Vacuum Bags and Plastic Boxes

In addition to using wardrobe boxes, you can also make good use of vacuum bags and plastic boxes. It is easier to label your clothes in plastic boxes. Pack those that will be in storage for longer based on the seasons and type. Furthermore, vacuum bags and plastic boxes provide a safer way to keep your clothes from pets and moths. Just ensure they are completely dry to avoid mildew problems.

In Conclusion,

These are efficient ways of packing your clothes when moving. It reduces stress and helps you maximize space. Furthermore, you get to keep your clothes safe and in good condition.

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