Things To Consider When Buying Anti- Slip Paint

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Things To Consider When Buying Anti- Slip Paint

If you are planning to buy paint then you must know the difference between the slip-resistant paint and anti-slip paint. Most of us think that both are the same but they are actually different. The non- slip paint surface is ten times aggressive than the slip-resistant paint. So if you need non- slip coating then use 2 KG of aggregate paint for one square meter. If you want a slip-resistant surface then add 0.5 KG for 5 Liter of paint and that quantity can be used for 30 Sq.M. In this article let us discuss the important things to be considered while purchasing the non- slip paint and aggregate.

Things to be Considered When Purchasing Anti-Slip Paint and Aggregate:

  • The quantity aggregated should be calculated based on the requirement of slip-resistant paint.
  • Based on the area decide the need for slip-resistant paint. For example, slip-resistant paints are used only for the sink, machine and on the edges of the steps for all other places normal paints can be used. If you want slip-resistant paint for all the places then it will be very difficult to maintain.
  • For getting the same colour paint correct amount of aggregate must be added to it.
  • The aggregate’s size can be changed based on your needs.
  • Aggregates are also available in different colors. You can use a contrast colour or decorative colour or even the same existing colour.

The aggregate commonly used in anti-slip paint is polystyrene. They are very dense in nature. The safety capabilities of the aggregate will be available only for three months. To improve its property the normal paint is mixed with the industrial aggregate.

  • Mix the aggregate:

This method is possible only when you use an aggregate of 0.5 mm and less than that because if you use aggregate above 0.5 mm then it will sink to the paint tin’s bottom. Then it is difficult to get the correct mixture of paint and aggregate. Even for mixing the aggregate and paint you must dig deep with the help of roller. By using this type of coating you can get smooth and even finish and also you need less amount of aggregate for painting large areas. It is perfect for the slip-resistant area and also it must be easy to clean. Some of the places in which this coating type can be done are food preparation place, kitchen, bathroom and toilet.

  • Broadcast aggregate using hand

It is one of the popular method followed by most of the people. You must apply it with extra care to get an even finish. Most people use quick swish to apply the aggregate and this process is similar to feeding chicken. This method requires very little time when compared with the other method. A small handful can be used for applying big areas. It must be done in the wet condition itself. Next day remove the excess aggregate and give second coating. For better results, it must have enough thickness of base paint.

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