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Chad Esslinger, designer, explains how choosing a classic roof color can keep your home’s exterior design timeless.

Homeowner Question –How can I choose a roof color that is considered classic or timeless?

Chad’s answer: “Classic”, “Timeless”, are two words that you will hear a lot about design. Classic design is timeless and stands the test of times.

Traditional Roof Colors

Trendy is the opposite of classic. A classic exterior design for your home will make it timeless and not look out of place once the trend is over. This may sound like a white home with black shutters and a red front. But it doesn’t.

You can consider navy, heather gray, forest green, almond and creamy yellow colors that have stood the test time and are solid colors you can add to your palette.

But “classic” does not necessarily mean boring.

Timeless vs. Dated

It’s that feeling you get when you enter a house and know for certain that the kitchen was built in the mid-70s. The kitchen is probably the most important thing you will update.

There are homes that feel timeless in their exterior design and decor, but you can’t pinpoint when they were built.

When it comes to choosing a roof color, you want something you will love in 10 years. A roofing manufacturer will typically design shingles colors that match the current trends.

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