Ways To Choose The Correct Glass For Your Pool Fence

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Ways To Choose The Correct Glass For Your Pool Fence

Are you planning to install a frameless glass pool fence around the swimming pool? If yes, then you are no doubt wondering which is the correct type of glass to use for the project.

Before you proceed, make sure that the glass you choose should have the capacity to withstand strong winds, harsh weather and prolonged exposure to heat and rain. Moreover, it is also essential to meet the Australian Standards while installing the glass pool fence.

You can either call in a frameless glass pool fencing in Ashfield expert or can follow the below points to take a more informed decision while choosing the perfect glass.

  • Abide by the Australian Standards

The perfect glass panels are those that pass the Australian Standards and come with the Conformity Mark of the Australian Standards. Such glass panels are typically designed using the newest equipment and technology. They had to pass through a series of quality tests under strict criteria. It is crucial to use high-quality panels to install a pool fence as it helps to increase the durability of the installation procedure.

Once you use glass panels approved by the Australian Standards, you can remain fully assured of your kid’s and family’s safety. You can relax and enjoy the swimming pool knowing that everyone will be safe. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about your kids climbing the fence as the glass panels are slippery and climbing them lies beyond question.

  • The thickness of the glass

The commonly available glass panels come in sizes of 6mm to 12mm. However, customizable glass panels are also available to suit your specific needs. Such panels can even measure up to 18mm. Frameless glass pool fencing in Ashfield experts think that panels with 6 to 8mm thickness will not be able to withstand the strong winds and harsh weather conditions. So, they recommend using the thicker versions. Thicker glass panels will hardly shatter in severe weather.

  • The height and width of the panels

In most of the homes, people install glass pool fences that generally measures 1200mm in height. Like you can customize the thickness, you also have the option to customize the height of the panel to make it a suitable one.

The size of the semi-frameless glass panels ranges between 1600mm to 1800mm. On the other hand, the frameless glass pool fences come in size range of 1800 to 1900mm.

  • High-quality corks for frameless constructions

Chances are there that you might be using high-quality panels, but the hardware is poorly constructed. In such cases, the integrity of the structure will be hampered, and the durability will also be lessened.  Different types of corks are available today in the market that is made of casting as it is the most pocket-friendly alternative. However, you can take this one step further by opting for premium spigots that are made of high-quality equipment.

Now that you have known the process of choosing the best quality glass, it’s time to call in a frameless glass pool fencing in Ashfield expert and install a glass pool fence. That is the best way to increase the beauty and market value of your house.

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