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What Are The Advantages Of Aluminum Sliding Windows?

Aluminium sliding windows are the most reliable and practical form of aluminium systems. Such designs can significantly save space because the flaps move in the same plane. Such glazing has a massive number of advantages and can compete with PVC windows and wooden windows made of euro- timber, which are prevalent in our time.

Tilt-and-slide window

This is a popular option for buyers who want to make the loggia and balcony warm. When opening, the sash does not fall into the profile. Her movement overlaps the pattern. That is, when you open the window, a person first takes a pen and makes a hand move towards himself and to the side. Many world manufacturers make such systems of window systems.

Rotary-sliding windows have their distinctive features:

  • The buyer can put the glass unit that he wants, and at the same time, not look at its dimensions – the width of the profile and other points. Let it be too broad – you can cheat: a thinner structure can be easily inserted into the sash. This trick from experienced installers will increase the protective functions of the window system, and this will not affect the operation of the mechanism;
  • The tilt-and-slide window is quite compact. It saves a decent space. But at the same time they need more area in comparison with a parallel sliding window;
  • Loggias and bay windows are the rooms on which the sliding windows will feel best and will bring more benefits. If the balcony is round, then the system will repeat its shape one hundred per cent. Sashes can even move not on a specific site, but entirely along the balcony perimeter.


The main advantage of aluminium sliding windows is their exceptional ease of use. Durable and lightweight material gives extensive design possibilities. Aluminium is exceptionally resistant to corrosion, deformation, temperature changes, wind loads and ultraviolet rays. Aluminium systems do not require exhausting care.

Dirt is easily removed. For the long service life of such windows, it is sufficient to carry out preventive maintenance periodically, timely adjust the fittings and keep the guides clean.

In aluminium windows, you can install both glass, double-glazed windows, and sandwich panels, which makes it possible to operate them in almost all areas.


Raw aluminium windows are made of an aluminium profile without a heat-insulating jumper. Such glazing is used where thermal insulation does not play any role, thereby fulfilling the enclosing function.

Aluminium sliding windows can easily retain heat. Such characteristics are achieved by combining two aluminium profiles into one using a thermal bridge. Together with energy-saving double-glazed windows, such windows have a reasonably high thermal insulation performance.

Aluminium windows are having huge advantages compared to normal conventional windows. Moreover, there are many aluminium window suppliers in Sydney who can offer you the windows at much cheaper prices compare to that of wooden or iron made windows.


Since sliding aluminium windows are made to order and can have up to seven first parts, they are best used for glazing loggias and balconies, whatever their size. Glazing made of aluminium is much lighter than a similar profile made of PVC, which is essential for balconies of old buildings, as well as loggias with decrepit parapets. The scope of aluminium sliding windows in Sydney is broad enough. It can be not only be used in balconies but also verandas, office partitions, glazing of the house and even an ordinary apartment.


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