What Is A Deck WPC Floor, And What Are Its Uses?

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VINILDECK vinyl floor

Suppose at any time you have thought about changing the floors in outdoor areas and want to avoid using concrete and ceramics. In that case, we present the VINILDECK vinyl floor, a perfect option to create cosy outdoor spaces with touches of design, warmth and elegance.

DECK WPC floors, or Vinildeck, are vinyl strips with the appearance of natural wood that are highly resistant to weather and climate changes. WPC stands for «Wood Plastic Composite» – synthetic/plastic wood – referring to its components and identifying itself as a material for exterior use.

Among its components, it has 30% polymers (mainly high-density polyethene), 60% vegetable fibres (such as bamboo or pine) and an additional 10% chemical additives (colourants, antioxidants, stabilisers), a charming composition that provides resistance to the latest generation added to the natural and refreshing appearance of wood.

You will wonder how a product is a so weather resistant if 60% of its components are natural because, during the manufacturing process, polyethene is responsible for encapsulating these fibres so that they maintain their appearance, colour and visual texture but without suffering the natural deterioration caused by water, sunlight and constant traffic. In addition, curiously, since it has a high proportion of natural fibres, this type of floor does not heat up as quickly as that 100 % plastic or with a lower ratio of natural fibre, making its original appearance last for years.


A Deck, or platform, is known at an architectural level as an extension of the construction to the outside; usually, these extensions are terraces, balconies or outdoor gardens. With the help of this product, an elegant, comfortable and versatile environment can be created, enabling the correct use of open spaces.

The vinyl deck is a product that easily adapts to residential or commercial use; in addition, it adjusts without inconvenience to areas with a high level of humidity or heat, which is why it can be used outside swimming pools, jacuzzis, saunas, terraces, parks, etc. gardens, platforms, sports facilities, recreational parks, common areas, etc.


This type of vinyl floor comes in strips 3 m long by 160 mm wide and 25 mm thick. However, it can also be offered in square tiles or narrower and shorter ribbons.

By using 3-meter-long planks, there is greater installation versatility in spaces with diverse geometry since if specific designs are required, they can be easily cut to achieve the desired style.

It comes in many colours, perfect to fit into any decoration or combination. These are some of the colours available:

  • Brushed or smooth mahogany
  • Brushed or smooth chestnut
  • Walnut brushed or smooth
  • Wenge brushed or smooth

Among the available finishes, you can find two alternatives that fit the primary use of the installation area:

  • Ribbed finish, perfect for areas with a high volume of traffic, ideal for commercial establishments.
  • Natural wood grain finish, perfect for exterior residential use.


  • It is ecological since it replaces the use of 100% natural wood, avoiding unnecessary deforestation with commercial interests.
  • It has a striking appearance and provides visual warmth to any space and aesthetic value.
  • It is resistant to climatic agents, preventing damage by corrosion, splinters or insects.
  • It withstands extreme temperatures, guaranteeing its physical stability; that is, despite climatic changes, each strip produces minimal expansion and contraction.
  • It is non-slip, you can walk on the Deck WPC floor with any shoe, and even without shoes, you will not suffer accidents when the floor is wet.
  • It is light; its plastic component means that it does not excessively increase the structure’s weight, which is why it is perfect for use on raised platforms or balconies.
  • It is easy to transport; being light slats, you can comfortably transport them to areas of difficult access.
  • It does not change its appearance, colour or shape with humidity or the sun’s heat.
  • The surface will always be level, thanks to its support structure.
  • It is easy to install and uninstall.
  • Does not require frequent maintenance.
  • It is installed with clip systems that are not visible to the naked eye.
  • It is a recyclable and environmentally friendly product.
  • It has low water absorption thanks to its sealed pore system, making it easy to clean and guaranteeing its appearance and durability.


The assembly style of this type of floor is versatile and straightforward; it is installed on a metal structure made of cold-rolled steel or aluminium, with modules arranged every 40 cm. On it, the slats are assembled by fitting together and fastening with a 1.2 mm thick «screw» or plastic clip. This clip remains hidden between the slats preventing tripping or scratches while you walk barefoot on the ground.

This type of installation helps to have stable behaviour in the face of thermal changes; as I mentioned before, it does not deform thanks to the fact that natural changes, such as expansion and contraction, are absorbed by the assembly systems, making the installation uniform.

Remember that it is a product to be installed where durability, resistance and design are required; in addition, it does not need to be painted, sealed or waterproofed.

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