What to Consider when Choosing Pool Tiles

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What to Consider when Choosing Pool Tiles

The key areas to consider when it comes to choosing outdoor pool tiles include selecting high quality materials and suitable adhesive products, specifying suitable materials for your pool tiles and of course, your design and colour options. These crucial steps will help ensure the very best outcome for your new outdoor pool’s design that you can enjoy for a lifetime!

Outdoor Pool Tile Adhesion Systems

First and foremost, using the right adhesives and products is crucial in ensuring a quality outcome that will last. Oftentimes, if the wrong adhesive systems are used or incorrect materials and installation processes in tiling an outdoor pool, the pool tiles will eventually start to pull away from the pool’s shell. This can lead to extremely costly repair work which of course, is not ideal! When seeking out pool installation professionals, ensure you have sought out reviews on their company and had a look at what their previous customers have said about them. When you are selecting your new outdoor pool tiles, ensure you have explored a range of different options in different price brackets to find a solution that will not only meet your design preferences and quality expectations but also sit within your specific budget. 

Caption: Bisazza pool tiles are available in an endless range of colour options with the option to customise your pool’s design with ornate patterns and artwork. This luxurious tile brand has created their own signature adhesive system specific to the Australian market that surpasses the requirements noted in Australian Standards, delivering an adhesive solution that can easily withstand the harsh summer sun!

One of the most popular glass pool tile brands is Bisazza. Bisazza is an Italian glass tile manufacturer specialising in luscious glass mosaic tiles. The brand has a rainbow of colour options available to choose from and also offers customisation solutions where you can create your own unique patterns or artwork completely out of glass mosaic tiles! Bisazza offers a unique adhesive system that has been specifically designed to withstand the intense heat of the Australian sun. This system is referred to as the HotMelt system which is specific to the Australian market. Bisazza’s HotMelt adhesion system exceeds the requirements noted in Australian Standards to provide a superior adhesive solution that will easily last a lifetime in your new outdoor pool. 

Pool Tile Materials

The most popular outdoor pool tiles include glass tiles and porcelain tiles. Glass tiles are most commonly used, providing a hygienic and non-porous finish that offers the additional bonus of being available in an endless array of colours. Glass mosaic tiles can even be used to create completely custom styles in your new pool as the tiles can be used to create stunning murals or patterns at the base of your pool, along the sides or edges and even as an outdoor wall tile feature. 

Caption: Glass is one of the most popular materials used in outdoor pool tile design thanks to the material’s resistance to water and the chemicals often used in pool cleaning solutions. Recycled glass tiles are a popular choice that will add a sustainable element to your outdoor design scheme.

Porcelain tiles are another popular solution in swimming pool tiles; you will note that some tile stores may also refer to these as ceramic tiles which is often used as a blanket term to refer to tiles that are made using a combination of natural clays and then kiln baked. To be more specific however, ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles do have certain key differences that will dictate, resulting in a tile that is porous (if it has not been glazed) and therefore will not be water resistant. Even with a glaze applied to its surface, water can still penetrate into the sides and base of the tile if submerged in water, making these specific tiles inappropriate for use in a swimming pool. Porcelain tiles however, are baked for a longer stretch of time which creates a non-porous surface finish. You can see how each of these tile options can actually be used around the home, especially in a pool. Ceramic tiles are baked at a lower temperature and for a lower period of time in comparison to porcelain tile options will find many porcelain tile options that are suitable for use in a swimming pool as these types of tiles can easily withstand the conditions of constantly being submerged underwater. 

Pool Tile Colours & Design

We are all familiar with the popular blue and aqua tones most commonly used in pool design! The colour of your selected pool tiles will show through the clear pool water as the dominant colour in your design scheme however, it is important to keep in mind that this colour will be affected by the pool’s surroundings. From the sky to trees, plants and outdoor feature walls, each of these areas will influence how your pool’s colour will appear.

Caption: Your pool’s colour will be influenced and altered by its surroundings. The landscape, sky and any other outdoor features surround the pool will reflect in the clear water and create a unique look that plays with the overall colour of your selected pool tiles.

Aside from the traditional blue or aqua tones we most commonly see in outdoor pool design, there are many exciting colours available to choose from especially in glass pool tile options. From black to red or pink, you have the complete freedom to create your own unique look and style in your new outdoor pool’s design scheme! High end tile stores will even offer complete customisation options where you are able to create your own patterns or murals that can be custom made using glass mosaic tiles. These options offer a luxurious and sophisticated quality to your outdoor design scheme, being a completely unique option that will create an artistic element in your outdoor design scheme. 

Selecting pool tiles can seem like a daunting task at first with so many exciting options available to choose from! Your pool designer and tile experts will guide you through the process in creating a high quality finish that will meet your budget, quality expectations and design style. 

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