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Why Our Summer Houses Aren’t Just For Summer

One of the most common issues experienced with garden ownership is that during colder months, they seldom get used. This is made even more problematic within the UK as our climate limits the amount of sunny and warm days we experience in a year. As such, the premium price we pay on a property to enjoy a garden, isn’t always returned.

Now, as more people begin searching for properties with private gardens, homeowners are looking for ways in which they can make use of their garden during poor weather conditions. Interestingly, one of the most popular developments is, despite the name, a growing fondness for summer houses.

Having an enclosed space within your garden has plenty of uses. And, importantly, these uses aren’t always weather dependent. The quality of summer house manufacturing has increased over the years and now supports insulation and security that allows for their use year-round, without the worry of drafts or damage. This means that summer houses can potentially be used for various purposes every day of the year.

Home Offices

Despite their original use as places of relaxation, summer houses are now being converted into home offices. This is partly due to a growing number of businesses adopting remote working operations, leaving many employees to create office spaces within their home.

Having your own private office in the garden is an excellent, low-cost way of managing your workload, one free of distractions and dedicated solely to your professional life. Large enough spaces can even accommodate meetings with clients and coworkers.

Garden Events

If you’re fond of entertaining guests, a summer home has great potential. It can become a private bar or a cooking studio, keeping your guests entertained with great food and drink. Or, alternatively, it can be the perfect way to host movie nights and book clubs, allowing for a cosy and intimate atmosphere, even during the rain.

Space For Children

Whether your children need extra room for playing with toys, or you’d like to give a teenager their own private space for making videos and playing games, allowing them their own summer house room is a fantastic luxury that not only benefits them but you too. Children will be able to play safely and soundly, leaving you to enjoy the peace and quiet of your own home.

Private Gym

Having an extra room within your home doesn’t need to be for the luxury of relaxation at all, it could be for exercise. Instead of spending on monthly gym fees, you could utilise a summer house as a private workout space, allowing you to keep all essential equipment for your regime in one place. Plus, with such close proximity to your home, there would seldom be an excuse to skip a workout day!

Guest Room

Summer houses are exceedingly good choices for private stays, whether these are to accommodate friends and family, or to earn an extra income with rentals and lettings. There are many summer houses available that are plenty spacious enough to ensure a comfortable stay for guests, with great potential for customisation, such as plumbing and electricity, meaning that those staying can be totally independent of your home.


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