What Essential Solutions For Interior Designs Now

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What Essential Solutions For Interior Designs Now

No matter the size of your bathroom, layout is an important part. In order for this room to best suit your lifestyle and be pleasant on a daily basis, certain layout ideas should be favored.

A brief overview

Designing a bathroom well, point by point

In renovation or construction, the layout of a bathroom must take into account technical, practical and also aesthetic criteria.

The volume: for each space, layout ideas

On your own, as a couple or as a family, your needs differ. If your project is to design a family bathroom, count at least 5 m² to integrate a bathtub, a piece of furniture with a double sink and a shower.

To circulate well, plan at least 60 cm in front of each element. If your bathroom exceeds 5 m², you can also integrate a laundry room or a toilet.

Finally, if you have the possibility of creating a small additional bathroom, in the master bedroom for example, 3 m² are enough to accommodate a shower and a piece of furniture with a simple basin.

On the technical side, watch out for water arrivals and evacuations. Although the bathroom is more close to the bedrooms, this will guide you in the location of the equipment. Ditto ventilation side, if you do not have a window in this room, consider the CMV.

Trendy and modern bathroom with sink and wooden furniture

Shower or tub?

Ideal for lazing around, the bathtub is particularly suitable for families with young children. If it is an asset in the event of resale, its big competitor, the shower, is formidable: optimization of space, design, water saving and ease of access. She ticks several boxes.

Walk-in shower or shower cubicle, there is something for all tastes and needs. As for the dimensions, we opt for a width of 80 or 90 cm. As for the length, some receivers can go up to 180 cm. Side walls also, the dimensions are customizable and variable.

Let there be light

Although the ideal is to have a window for natural light, the lighting should meet all your needs: to put on makeup, we favor a strong enough light near the sink or around the mirror. To relax, add soft, indirect light with small wall lights. You can also opt for a dimmer suitable for humid rooms, allowing you to modulate the intensity of your ceiling light according to your desires.

Adapted storage

In a small space like the bathroom, space is precious and each element must be in its place. Choosing the right  piece of furniture  is important in the layout of your bathroom: it must adapt to the available space so as not to clutter the room. For this, we prefer a piece of furniture to hang… Overhead, it will allow the dirty laundry basket to slide under, for example. If you have a larger area, furniture with storage columns (closed or not), niches or shelves will be perfect.

Colors and materials: room for sobriety

After the layout, it’s time to choose colors and materials. To not get bored of your bathroom too quickly, focus on sobriety. The whole must be imagined with softness and harmony.

Bring color by touch with easy-to-change accessories. The choice of materials is also important; they should be easy to clean and suitable for family life. We prefer tiling on the floor and on the wall, easy to maintain. Note that some paints, wood and PVC are treated against humidity. Beware of chrome which is a very messy material. Finally, to heat the room, use the towel dryer. Very discreet, it blends into the decor and plays with color contrasts.

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